Chalk artists do more than awe crowds; they create artistic illusions that question our realistic perception. The perspective techniques used by the artists allow them to convey a different reality from what is originally present. Therefore it can be seen as a transitory art.

Chalk drawings are fully comprehended from certain vantage points that illustrate the piece in its true form. This technique of altering an individual’s perspective realm has been around since the 16th C. as can be seen in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Perspectable Anamorphosis.

The ability to warp a visual space via a two dimensional application is difficult and requires a high level of skill and artistic talent. Three-dimensional chalk street art mesmerizes, hypnotizes and entertains an individual. The perspective technique allows the artist to communicate with the audience in a different manner than usual pieces of art such as sculptures, paintings and photographs do.

The works usually require large amounts of space, one prominent German street painter named Edgar Mueller created a graffiti mural extending to 1000 square feet. The street works as a perfect canvas for the artist because of its vast and extensive area coverage along with being a perfect topography for audience interaction.

Street artists create works from an array of styles extending from renaissance and surrealist techniques to being purely an advertisement tool. The personality of each artist is revealed in their works as some tend to be humorous and others more serious. This becomes a direct communication tool between artist and viewer. A few artists to have gained popular attention are Eduardo Rolero from Argentina, Julian Beever from England and Kurt Wenner from the United States. 







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