wood stock


Photographs taken of the Woodstock event clearly illustrate the complete flip of social customs. Denoting the images for what they represent is a complete mishap, for their connotative meaning lies deeply rooted in the voice of a generation. Through a design perspective, the concert became a melting pot of Dadaist, Expressionist, Art Nouveau and Anti-Futurist behavior and thinking. So maybe hippies were just the flaneur’s of their age.
The concert also reveals an ideology that was fueled, and the many masses that came testify to the cause. Images of the event are clear representations of an era, with semiotics such as the peace sign, bright colours, afros and zero attention to facial hair. The drugs and music on the other hand became a language of their own, including several unique inputs to a period’s everyday diction. Overall, Woodstock is the spitting image of the late 60’s and 70’s, containing all iconic, indexical and symbolic means of an era.
The value of the event is highly regarded not only in the minds and hearts of the generation, but also in social culture of the United States. An uncollected ticket in 1989 sold for 8,000 dollars, and instruments used by the artists are revered and collected in galleries (uhum..Hard Rock café).